June 23, 2004

today is a special day

Dear Reganne,
Today is a special day. Today is the day you came into the world and into our hearts. June 23rd will never be just another day on the calendar to us. We thank God for your safe arrival.

Your Uncle Patrick and I haven't met you yet, but we already love you so much. If our arms could reach all the way to Texas, we would hold you and hug you and love on you tonight. We will come see you soon, but for now, get to know your Grandpa Dave, Grandma Pat, Grandpa Chuck, Grandma Diane, Aunt Kaye, and Aunt Allison. They all love you so much. Plus, you've got cousins and great-aunts and great-uncles and relatives that you can't even describe with a great or a second who love you too! Most importantly, get to know your Mom and Dad. They are great people, and you are so blessed to have them. They are going to be great parents. Your Mom and Dad have waited and planned for you for a long time. You are so loved.

There are some other people you are going to meet, your great-grandparents, Pop and Polly. As your father says, we already knew they were great, even before you were here. Your Uncle Patrick made them grandparents for the first time thirty-three years ago, and now you are making them great-grandparents. You will be a better person for knowing them. They will make you feel loved all over.

Reganne, God has a very special plan for your life. We don't know what it is yet, but we are looking forward to finding out. We will be praying for you and your future.

Uncle Patrick and I can't wait to hold you and rock you, take you fun places, tell you stories, sing songs, and do whatever you think is fun. We will always be your fans. Nothing you could ever do will make us stop loving you.

Happy Birthday, Reganne.

Aunt Lydia

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