June 21, 2004

trixie is awake

After my niece arrives in about a week, my brother-in-law John needs to set his site up like The Trixie Update. This site is run by a stay-at-home dad of a 10-month-old in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The best part is "Trixie Telemetry" - a section at the top which updates visitors on Trixie's sleeping (as I write this she is awake), diapers, bottle consumption, and more. Trixie's dad originally set it up as a way for his wife to check in on the routine from work, but now he has quite a following. The telemetry is set up so that all he has to do is to hit a function key when he changes a diaper, gives her a bottle, etc. I would love to keep up with (first name TBA) Marie Watts' daily activities like this!

Another feature of The Trixie Update is the TPOD - Trixie Picture of the Day. Each day there is a new picture with a great caption and comments from site visitors. Don't tell John, but Trixie went through 500 diapers by her 44th day of life. Trixie's dad also calculated that if his baby grew at the same rate that she grew in her first month she would weigh 779 pounds by age 1.

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John Watts said...

Ummm...don't count on it. We have to get the baby here first before we contemplate writing a public diary chronicling her every move. Even then, I think taking care of a baby is enough work without adding overhead to the process. Aunt Lydia and Uncle Patrick will have plenty of opportunity to see (TBD) Watts mess herself in ever increasingly creative ways.