August 22, 2004

our Tivo is tired of the olympics

From the opening ceremonies on, I got kind of hooked on the olympics. I've watched gymnastics, swimming, sailing, shot put... even a little badminton, table tennis and dressage. I'd never seen a horse walk sideways before that event!

How have I had time, you ask? Why of course, the magic of Tivo! I set a season pass on the lowest priority so that any previous conflicting programs wouldn't be pre-empted by them, but the Tivo has been going to town... catching it in the middle of the night on CNBC and Bravo. Once it's on the Tivo, you can watch five hours of Olympics in about fifteen minutes!

However, it seems that our Tivo has other ideas. All day today, it's been recording home improvement shows, kids shows, I Love Lucy reruns... it seems like it's trying to get us interested in anything but sports. I'm glad our Tivo is watching out to make sure that we don't develop obsessive-compulsive traits.

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