March 26, 2005

eulogy for a television

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Last night, we said goodbye to our KV27S10 27" Sony direct view television. I walked in the room as Lydia was watching it and poof, it turned itself off, and wouldn't turn itself back on again. We left it unplugged until this morning, and it still wouldn't come back on.

I bought this television on a scratch-and-dent table at Sears back when I was living in Waco. The date on the TV is "July 1995." I am pretty sure I picked it up in the summer of 1996, and I know I paid $299 for it. John would be able to corroborate this because he bought the exact same TV two weeks prior at the exact same Sears. On his way home, he swung by my house and showed it off. My reaction was, "if I ever find a deal like that on a TV like that, I'm gonna buy it immediately." And, of course, the rest is history.

We were the brothers with the matchy-matchy Sony TVs. The difference between mine and his is that mine has a small "puncture wound" on the lower right side of the front bezel - almost imperceptible until you get right up on it. It really became a family affair when Dad bought his Sony TV - almost identical, but a couple of models newer.

My TV was excellent - great sound and picture - and a true performer right up to the end. It just decided it was time to quit, I guess.

So where do we go from here? We've decided to use a smaller TV that we got in a black friday binge a couple of years ago in its place for the time being, and start saving our pennies for something a little bigger, but less bulky to put on the wall. I'm sure the deal will find me.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Funny thing, my set turned itself off about three weeks ago, but came back to life later. It was an strange feeling. It has been fine since.



Anonymous said...

Did you lock your keys in the TV again?