August 4, 2005


For exactly one week today, I have been caffeine free. It wasn't some kind of landmark decision for me... putting my foot down and saying, "get thee behind me, caffeine." I just stopped. I don't remember exactly what the decision was... maybe reaching for the Pepsi One next to my desk and grabbing the Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper instead.

Our house is pretty caffeine free anyway, since Lydia stopped about four years ago. And, I wasn't a massive caffeine consumer. Probably three out of five days at work I'd get a cup of coffee, and a different three out of five, I'd have anywhere between 12 and 64 ounces of a diet Coke-type product (the larger amounts coming on days when I went to Las Palmas or some such place.)

Usually, at this point in someone's caffeine confession they talk about their headaches, the way they're sleeping better, or the odd looks they get from coworkers who are used to seeing them hanging from the chandliers after their first cup of the day. However, I'm experiencing none of those effects. I had no headaches, my sleep is the same (pretty good,) and I'm still on the chandelier.

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