August 25, 2005


Ping Katherine for a link explaining that Fred Phelps and his followers do not consider themselves "Christians."

Finally, something that I can agree on with "Westboro 'Baptist' Church."

I was actually flipping XM channels today (more on that in an upcoming post after this weekend) and ran across The Klezmatics singing "I Ain't Afraid." The punchline to the song is that the singer isn't afraid of God, he's afraid of what "you do in the name of your god." Fred and friends tend to make real Christians look much worse. When real Christians exhibit what it truly means to be Christ-like (sorry for the popups), God's purpose is served.

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Anonymous said...

To the matter of the tahmonites, they also in their pea-sized brains consider our country evil. Question I have is, if they so hate our country and America then why are they here? Why not pack up and go find some other place to infest. I think maybe the deep recesses of Antartica would be a wonderful spot for them to go. Considering in my opinion Hell is too good a place for this group of parasites.
Also as far as them desacrating the symbol of freedom (The American Flag), they have no right to justify that in the least. They enjoy freedom is that not so? Then if they so enjoy it then why take that very symbol of freedom and show no respect or feeling for it. Freedom has been fought for, and so many have lost their lives for it. So many have died for the meaning behind that precious flag and will continue to do so.
In retrospect of this I close this letter with one final thought, Americans should stand tall and proud, these self-righteous individuals are nothing more than terrorists and should be eradicated to say the least.