October 28, 2005

best $2.38 breakfast ever

Now that there's a Panera Bread right on the way to work, it's getting harder and harder not to stop in and grab a cup of coffee and a "Choc-o-Nut" bagel. Holy cow those things are delicious! Granted, they're not the most nutritional thing to have in the morning, but they do have four grams of fiber, and until Panera arrived, consider what the two alternatives were for breakfast on that corner.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever ordered a salad just for the bread?

We have a Panera Bread near our home as well. What a great place for bread, lunch, dinner, breakfast, snack and especially Cinammon Crunch Bagels with Hazelnut spread (MMMMMMMM...)

Try their holiday bread when it comes available. A great stop when it's your day to bring Sunday School or work breakfast.