January 9, 2006

where we were

Despite the pre-apologized-for casserole enticing us, Lydia and I spent Sunday morning at the church of the holy comforter rather than at First Baptist Nashville. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to shake a horrendous cough/sinus infection and it's keeping my sweet, understanding, relatively light-sleeping wife awake at night, so we would have been useless in choir and half-useless in Sunday School (probably with people looking at us thinking, "why didn't they stay home??") Hopefully, my doctor will be able to get me some prescription-strength cough suppressant, and tonight we'll both be able to recuperate.

Other than the pain, the most annoying side effect of this illness is that I end up sounding like an 87 year-old pack-a-day smoker. All that to say, we were away on sick time, not vacation time.

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