December 13, 2006

finding the deal

Lots of folks know that I have a penchant for locating good deals on everything... finding coupons, sales, closeouts... all sorts of cheap stuff. I'm not entirely sure why that is. Part of it is that I'm wired that way: to be observant and to exhaust resources before making a purchase. The other part... I know how to use the intarweb.

A new site that may soon become a favorite is This site aggregates the postings in the "hot deals" forums of my top favorite site and It's free to register, and registering allows you to sort the deals from both sites to see which ones are getting the most approval votes... usually the ones with the best discount or rarest availability.

Speaking of rare availability, one of my co-workers is looking to procure a certain new game console for his family for Christmas at its retail price. Any leads would be appreciated!

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