December 29, 2006


This morning, I dropped Lydia off at Super Suppers to assemble our monthly rations and I headed off to shop for a new CD player for our bathroom. Thrilling, no?

My first stop was Target. I walked over to the electronics section to look around, and what did I find, but a new-in-box 60GB Playstation 3. The interesting thing was that no one was asking about it or seemed interested to buy it, even after I went to peruse the clock radios.

I then went to Best Buy. I shopped in the clock radio and portable radio sections... and then stopped by the video games just for grins. You guessed it, another PS3 60GB.

After I bought our new radio (thanks for the birthday gift certificate, Allison!) I saw that there was a UPS truck at the GameStop across the shopping center. Thinking they might be getting a shipment with a Nintendo Wii in it, I went to check. Nope, you guessed it again, only 60GB Playstation 3 systems.

I'm glad I didn't just impulse buy, thinking I could get a profit on one, because they're going for pretty close to retail on ebay. I can't see plopping down $600 on a system with no games.

Also of note: none of the stores had a Wii. I'm thinking Nintendo may be winning the seventh gen race.

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