April 23, 2007

book report

Since I'm battling bronchitis, I was awake last night for a long time before I succumbed to codeine cough syrup and NyQuil. So, I used that time to read a book I had checked out of the library, In an Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Healing by Lee and Bob Woodruff. Bob Woodruff was the former anchor of ABC World News Tonight and was an embed in Iraq when the tank he was riding in hit an IED.

With a background in broadcasting, I found the descriptions of coverage from the war zone fascinating. It always amazes me what they are able to pull off. Their description of Bob's recovery from a traumatic brain injury was inspiring. Thousands of soldiers have suffered these injuries, and many don't fare as well as Bob did. Also, in a business where many marriages don't survive, Lee and Bob's story is encouraging.

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