May 17, 2007

traveling notes

  • If your flight leaves Nashville at 6:55 on a Thursday, you can pretty much get there at 6:00 and do fine through security.
  • The "3-only" exit row side of Southwest's 737s offer LOTS more room than the "3+2" side.
  • Maybe it's the luck of the draw, but it seems like lots of the Southwest flights at Nashville either turn around or originate there. At Oklahoma City and Kansas City, everyone's on the way somewhere, probably due to their central locations.
  • Whoever designed the Kansas City Airport has a lot of 'splainin to do. See this chunk o'the wikipedia article for details.
  • The "infield" parking at the Kansas City Airport is $18 a day. Whew!
  • Probably because they don't fly to Nashville, before today, I had never heard of SkyBus. Sounds EasyJet-ish.
  • The Will Rogers World Airport has no sit-down restaurants behind security.
  • Nashville and Oklahoma City airports have Boingo Wireless service. If you sign up at the Nashville airport, you can get three months for $9.95 each... slightly less than their off-airport signup deal.
  • The Kansas City Airport's main redeeming value is free VPN WiFi, at a pretty decent speed... also the reason why you're reading this post.
  • If you look at a map, it seems much more efficient for Southwest to have a DIRECT flight from Nashville to Oklahoma City, but that's not available.
  • Traveling from Nashville to Oklahoma City and back in one day is doable. Not pretty, but doable. With the layovers from Southwest's schedule, I almost spent more time in Kansas City than Oklahoma City today... about 30 minutes difference.

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