October 7, 2007

a smål trip for our smål person

We dashed down to Atlanta last weekend to visit Allison and Dave and shop shop shop. We picked up a minivan from Budget and drove down Friday night.

The next morning Allison and Dave met us at the hotel and we headed to Ikea. The crib we wanted only shows up online at the Ikea Canada site... but they had it in Atlanta! We got that and the matching toy chest, plus a bunch of random decor and home things. Of course, since it was Ikea, everything came flat packed. Great upcoming weekend projects for yours truly!

Downstairs, we found an offer we couldn't refuse in skråtchandentenlånd. The matching four drawer dresser for half price... assembled!

Dave helped us load it all in the minivan, and when we got home, Daddy came over just to help us unload. The baby room is officially outfitted!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! IKEA is the best! You gotta share the baby room photos!