May 27, 2008

happy four (month) birthday, Adam!

Dear Adam,

It's been an exciting month! You've been on your first overnight trip, you've been to your first birthday party, and you've grown to almost double your birth weight.

Every time we take you somewhere, everyone says the same thing... "he's so beautiful" and "he's different every time we see him" and "he's so good all the time." Little do they know, huh?

Actually, you are good all the time. It's just that sometimes when you're hungry or wet or tired, you feel like you need us to know about it. Now. Loudly. I can't say that we're used to it.

The good part of you learning to communicate is still the smiles. And the laughs. We found a new game this month, "patty cake." Granted, I'm doing most of the work when we play, but you're having at least half the fun.

Now that you've found your toes, it'll only be a matter of time before you're rolling... and rolling and rolling. Your Mom and I will cherish these few months when we can count on you staying put.

It was a real blessing to be home this Memorial Day weekend and to let the three of us spend time together and with our friends. Monday, you and I got to play a lot, and today when I went to work, I really missed you.

You still make me prouder and prouder every day to be your Dad.



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