May 17, 2008

Steve's Naturalization Ceremony

Our friend Steve became a real, live U.S. American on Friday! Lydia and Adam came and picked me up at lunchtime to go to the Estes Kefauver federal building in Nashville where Steve took the oath of citizenship. He was born in Hong Kong a few years back, so he's had a United Kingdom passport.

It was the first time Lydia or I or Adam (of course) had gotten the opportunity to be a part of one of these ceremonies, and I highly recommend it. There were sixty new U.S. citizens that day, from the middle east, central and south America, Europe, Africa, the far east... I think the only continents we missed were Australia and Antarctica. It's great to see the melting pot in person.

Non-baby book firsts for Adam:
  • First walk in a crosswalk
  • First time in a courtroom
  • First naturalization ceremony
  • First time through security (but around the metal detector in the stroller)

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