November 15, 2008

taking care of my mama

I have been very busy learning to crawl lately, but that's not the only exciting thing. I had an adventure this past week. My Mama didn't feel good because she had something called a "procedure" the week before. I don't know what that is, but it must make you sleepy because she slept A LOT. Anyway, I was taking a nap Monday afternoon when my daddy WOKE ME UP! I didn't understand why he did that. He put my coat on me and told me we were going to take Mama to a place called the "emergency room."

Daddy put me in my van, and then he helped Mama get in the van. I watched her while Daddy drove. The van goes faster when Daddy drives. Mama didn't say very much. When we got to the hospital place, I felt like I had been there before, but I couldn't quite remember. Daddy went inside and got a stroller, but it wasn't for me, it was for Mama. He put her in the big-person stroller and put me on her lap. Then he pushed us into the hospital - whee!

When we got inside, Daddy talked to a nice lady, and she put a bracelet on Mama's arm. There were so many people there! After that, another nice lady called my Mama's name. I don't know how she knew her name, but we all went and talked to her. She put something on Mama's arm and something in her mouth that beeped! My Mama is brave! I watched everything that was going on.

After we finished talking to that nice lady, Daddy talked into the light-up box. Then he took me outside, and Mister Philip and my good friend Alysa were there! I was so surprised! Daddy put me in my van, and Alysa got in too. Here's where things really got strange - Mister Philip got in my van and DROVE US AWAY! Alysa talked and talked and talked while we were riding. It was so much fun. When the van stopped, we were at Sara and Alysa's house. I was worried that I might not get to eat dinner since I wasn't at my house, but Miss Susan fed me my dinner!

I played and played with the girls. They are so funny. There was a color I didn't recognize, though. Sara calls it "pink." I was so tired after all that excitement that I fell asleep. When I woke up, Daddy was there and he put me back in my van. Mama got in next to me. I knew she felt better because she smiled at me. Daddy drove us home and gave me a bottle and put me in my warm bed. I had such a good time. I want to do that again!

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