March 12, 2009

parking place

Thanks to this, Adam got something I always wanted: the Fisher Price Little People Garage. I don't usually buy Adam toys, at least not new ones, but this was free and I wanted to play with it. Those of us who came along in the 70s remember the old school Fisher Price garage with the crank elevator, repair lift, and wooden, choking-hazard Little People. I think I was probably fascinated with it as a child because there weren't any parking garages in rural Kentucky.

The modern version does not come assembled (see pictures) and the ramp is a corkscrew, which generates greater speed for the included cars or whatever other objects your child sends down it. The two Little People that come with it are the androgenous tow truck driver and car repair person. I guess we will have to assign them genders. The elevator doesn't have a crank; it just has a lift handle on the outside, but it retains the old-school bell. Amazingly, the garage itself does not require any batteries, but the tow truck came with batteries for the annoying sound it makes. I think those batteries will get lost very soon. Overall, I like the new Racin' Ramps Garage, but I do miss the charm of the original.

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Anonymous said...

Our little one will DEFINITELY be getting one of those! I loved that toy, oh the great memories!!! Between that and the Sesame Street one for little people!!! Life was good!