March 27, 2009

There were no... survivors...


NASHVILLE, TN - Tonight, like almost every other night at the garage, was a tragedy.

Brentwood police are still stunned at the nightly carnage that happens at the Fisher Price garage on Carphilly Court. Each night, a multi-car pile-up occurs, usually at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

"People just can't be too careful at the garage. I mean, I've seen them zipping down the ramp shouting 'wheeeee!'... ripping past both floors like there wasn't even a curb," said officer Smallguy. "It's just not a safe place... there's no gate on the top or middle floors, and there's that gas pump at the bottom that's completely unattended. It's a tragedy in the making.

Motorists are urged to park at the FIsher Price garage with caution.

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