June 18, 2010

saddle ridge report

I worked in an administrative role at VBS this year, which was pretty fun since I got to see all the classes in action. Here are my observations:

1) We really need to dig a tunnel underneath 7th Avenue from the main building to the Rec Center. I mean, they dug a tunnel under the English Channel, how hard could it be?

2) Everyone likes Cokes in glass bottles.

3) Shannon Meadors is awesome.

4) Annessa Jean has a cute western outfit for every day.

5) Seven-year-old girls are still a lot of fun.

6) If I do the same job again next year, I'm wearing a pedometer, because I feel like I covered some serious mileage going all over the church. The East Building might as well be on Second Avenue.

7) I think this was the best theme LifeWay has ever done. Everything was top-notch from crafts to Bible study to snacks. I especially liked the questions aspect of it. I didn't get to work with the curriculum, but what I saw looked great.

8) There are some extremely talented people who volunteered many, many hours of their time to lead our VBS. The kids have no idea how blessed they are.

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