July 28, 2003

happy monday!

It's Jennifer's birthday! We'll be going to Schlitterbahn with her and Giles (and a few more folks) in a couple of weeks!

On our bookshelf (actually, on the nightstand because we're reading it daily):
The Purpose Driven Life
Sure, it's kind of the new "Prayer of Jabez" right now... everyone's reading it, but it's really good. The book is divided up into forty chapters, making it a great devotional. Most of the things in it are pretty basic, but every now and then you want to be reminded of the basics. There's a ton of scripture throughout too. The ideal audience for this book is the new/young Christian who's trying to find out what do do with his/her new-found faith. Highly recommended.

And, in our spare time, we're painting a stool. Yellow. Actually it's "Pale Cowslip 2." It was a flea-market find from Saturday... two stools for $15! One will live in the kitchen (the Pale Cowslip one) and one will live in the garage (mine.) We're stopping at Home Depot on the way home to pick up some polyurethane and maybe a power sander. I've been hand-sanding, but on the last coats, I'd like to really get a smooth finish. Any recommendations (for polyurethane or the sander??)

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