July 18, 2003

still not 100%
Lydia is still not feeling so hot - she's kind of slow to recover sometimes. Right now, she's sacked out on an antihistamine. I imagine the fourteen hours of sleep will do her well.

Arnell came down from Kentucky this morning and consulted with Lydia on interior decorating. As a result, our living room is completely transformed... for the better, for the most part. There's still a lot to be done - painting, locating more furniture, etc.

Our living room TV is in Alabama. For some unknown reason, Best Buy evidently doesn't think that there are any qualified repairmen in Nashville. So under our BB warranty, they feel that they have to pay Alabama repairmen to come up here, pick up our TV, and repair it in Alabama, making us wait an entire week! At least the doors on the entertainment center close.

And, I'm still playing with this page design! Maybe I should call it "version 2.98."

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