July 19, 2003

starbucks rosetta stone
We watched Sweet Home Alabama tonight. Good date movie. Recommended.

Afterwards, we went to Starbuck's and while we knew that there is a science to ordering - there is a certain order and cadence to how you specify all of the characteristics of your coffee... we made the discovery that the instruction book is right under your nose, on the side of the cup. If you want to be a Starbucks insider, here's the way you order:

1. Decaf (optional)
2. Size (tall, grande, or if you have to stay awake for the next 72 hours, Venti)
3. Shots (optional - extra shot, double, etc.)
4. Syrup (optional - cherry, hazlenut... whatever you see behind the counter. Caramel can also go here.)
5. Milk (only if your drink requires it - options include non-fat, soy, organic and "breve" which means cream... if you're looking at adding a few pounds.)
6. Custom (this is where you can do goofy things. If you don't want the whipped cream, "no-whip" goes here.)
7. Drink (espresso, cappucino, latte, mocha, etc.)

So Lydia had a Decaf Tall Soy Latte (there's no whipped cream on a latte) and I had a Decaf Tall Non-Fat No-Whip Mocha. Unfortunately, neither of us managed to get our complete drink completely correct, but our friendly neighborhood barista Jodi came to the rescue.

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