August 7, 2003

last comic cursing?
I shouldn't have been surprised, but when you google some of the comics from the series, they have really blue material. Maybe Dave Mordal is as clean in real life as he was on the show. One can only hope (having not seen him IRL.)

toying with linux
I can't help but quote this chunk from a Yellow Dog Linux review:

I laboured with [OS X] for the first months of my iBook use, telling myself; "This is just the way Macs are, you'll get used to it" and "You've just got to think differently", but waiting for my computer to catch up to me just isn't the way to be productive.

A 500 mHz iBook is of course woefully underpowered for a full-on OS X machine. He continues "I'm sure the same accusation was raised by 386 owners when Microsoft released Windows 95".

Personally, I have no beef with OS X performance... just love the "Think Different" stab!

BTW, you just have to love a company that offers their product in a Geek Edition. Of course, they left the sticker in that package!

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