August 19, 2003

there's nothing to blog about. wrong.
  1. We've got two family members in bad health. Both need prayers.
    1. Pop is not doing well. He had a heart attack on Monday afternoon and was admitted to the hospital. They have diagnosed him with a completely blocked artery, but because of his age (83,) surgery is not an option... it's probably more hazardous than helpful. Pray for Pop and Polly (his wife) that the Holy Spirit will give them peace. We're making a trip up there this Friday to just be there and help out in any way we can.
    2. Uncle Jim is not doing well. His cancer has progressed to the point that he's not creating red blood cells anymore. This Saturday, some of his friends are giving a party for him... kind of a "celebration of life." Pray for him and Aunt Linda, and for his children and grandchild as they work out God's will in this incredibly difficult situation
  2. Lydia survived the coffeehouse... actually she excelled at it. It was probably one of the smoothest ones. Plus, we ate P.F. Chang's for dinner that night. :-D
  3. The days of Macs and Roses are over at the Watts house. Microcenter is sending a pick-up tag for the G4. Our foster computer is returning to the orphanage. I do have to say that we are both a little sad to see it go. Suffice it to say, it may not be the last Mac in our house. Why? Because it's become the "fun" computer. The HP is the "work" computer... the one you check email on... the one you balance the checkbook on, etc. The Mac is the one that you surf the web on and watch DVDs on!
  4. The garage has become shelfish. Two trips to Lowe's and several uses of my new tools later, we have four maximum load ventilated shelves in the garage. Yeah... I could have done them from scratch, but they're in front of Lydia's parking spot, and I'd rather stay married. :-D
See, lots to blog! We'll try to keep things current about Pop and Uncle Jim here.

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