August 24, 2003

we made it back
Pop update: I had the timeframe wrong... it's two to three weeks, not two to three months! Yes, Pop's cardiologist is on top of things... unlike his grandson! Lydia and I had a nice easy trip back... no traffic and very little construction. Plus, we got to eat at BunBakers on the way back! If you're ever in Elizabethtown, KY... and we know you are lots... be sure to stop there for lunch or dinner. It's kind of Fuddrucker's-esque, but the buns are better! :-D

Remind me sometime to blog about Housebot our new home automation software. It's fairly new, works with what we've got, not too hard to program, has a support forum where the programmer actually answers your questions... even the newby ones... and best of all, it's free.

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