October 16, 2003

and the iComplaints started rolling in...

Slashdot readers have some interesting things to share about their iTunes Music Store for Windows experience (warning... link contains foul language!) The first two dozen posts or so were Linux users wanting to get it to run in emulation software!
Some other interesting usability choices: the Maximize button actually SHRINKS the jukebox window to a Winamp-sized player. Double clicking on the title-bar, which should cause the same behavior as the Maximize button, works as Mac OS's (+) button - toggling the window size between "Optimal" and "Current".

I wish they took the time to put in some more confirmation dialogs instead. Like maybe it's obvious to an experienced Mac user that plugging in my iPod to a machine with iTunes will clear it of all the music... But it sure was a surprize to me. Would asking "Are you sure you wanna delete 10 Gigs worth of MP3s off your iPod?" been so hard?!

Downloaded, installed it, imported my existing music library. It asked if I wanted to sort my music library (or something like that) and I said OK. Now all of my MP3s are sorted into a million subdirectories based on artist and album information, all files are renamed to just the track number and the song title. I had all of my MP3 files in "Artist - Song Title.mp3" format and that is now all gone. Gee... that sounds familiar!!
But, I came not to bury the iTunes Music Store. Generally, it's very strong. There are a couple of features that could have been helped by some Windows user testing. Even though "it makes sense on a Mac," it might not on the PC.

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