October 16, 2003

fifteen minutes with iTunes for Windows

So itunes is now available for Windows. The experience is a little surreal... with PC menus and Mac look kind of intertwined. Here's my experience so far:
  • When I started the install process, my AOL Instant Messenger window and my desktop calendar decided to start flashing. I'm not sure what that was all about. It might have (remotely) had something to do with the fact that I also run DeadAIM, but maybe not.
  • At the end of the iTunes install, I had to reboot. That solved the flashy problem.
  • I have already ripped a CD. Things seem to be where they're supposed to be. Again, it's a little odd seeing Apple logos!
  • The visualizations aren't working, but that might be because I'm ripping too.
  • Some wise guy evidently figured out how to make the "maximize" button work like it does on an Apple! There's no "mazimize" function, so you have to drag the corner of the window to make it fill the screen. That's a little goofy in my book!

  • I'll have to install it at home tonight and have it discover all of our music to give a bigger rundown. No time to check out the music store before my 2:00 meeting.

    more musings
    This is really kind of opening the door at Apple for all kinds of things. They seem to see this too. Of course, the main reason for porting iTunes is the revenue stream from song selling. However, how far behind can an "iLife for iNtel" be? Imagine the floodgates of people who are looking for an iMovie/iDVD solution for their Intel box. They could always take the approach of releasing new Intel versions four to six months after the release of the Macintosh version in order to continue to push people to their hardware.

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