June 1, 2004

memorial day 2004

This past weekend, we visited Pop and Polly in Ohio. We left Thursday night and spent the night in Louisville (Lydia doesn't like trips over three hours.) Actually, we did that on purpose, because we went to Kentucky Kingdom on Friday! Fortunately, we were still able to get discount tickets ($15!) through my work, so it was a very inexpensive visit. Unfortunately, we didn't get to experience all of the Kingdom because my cold from the prior week had worked its way into a sinus infection. We rode two rides and had to stop for about an hour while his inner ear recuperated. All in all, we had a good time, but there's not quite enough to recommend at the park unless you get discount tickets and don't plan to stay for more than about a four-hour visit (and then only if you don't have a sinus infection.)

Friday night we drove on to Dayton and had a great time eating peach cobbler and talking with Pop and Polly. The next day, we went on a trip to the Air Force museum (iMovie link opens in new window, Quicktime required). Pop gave us the grand tour... although a lot had moved around even since the last time he visited! We saw lots of vintage aircraft and even some that he actually flew himself! We ate lunch there and rode over to the annex. Lydia was impressed going through the gate when the MP saluted and called Pop "Colonel Waggener." I have to admit, I thought it was pretty cool too!

That night, we went to the Blue Moon Bistro for Aunt Jeannie's birthday party. (I won't tell you how old she is, but let's just say she was born the same year as the Fender Stratocaster.) Dennis treated us all to a fantastic dinner and her friend Arlene made us a great caramel cake.

Sunday morning, I sang at Pop and Polly's church and they treated us to lunch at Grindstone Charlie's, an eclectic American restaurant that was really good.

The only other highlight of the trip was eating at BunBakers in Elizabethtown going both directions! Remember... when you visit E-town... eat at BunBakers!

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