June 23, 2004

she's here!

Reganne Marie Watts arrived this afternoon at 7 lbs, 3 oz.! Mother and baby are doing fine. Reganne (pronounced like [rA'gun]) looks like her mother. Pictures will be available soon!

The Name Book by Dorothea Austin says that Reganne means "spiritual authority" and Marie means "blessed one."

Google returns 308 hits for Reganne and 19,700,000 hits for Marie, but zero for "Reganne Marie." She's definitely one of a kind... especially in our hearts!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Uncle Patrick, Aunt Lydia and the whole Watts Family :) This baby will bring so much joy to your family!!! I expect some pictures ASAP!!
~ Lacy

Anonymous said...

Glad everything went well. Welcome Patrick to the wonderful world of "Uncledom." And, Lydia, I'm sure you will make a superior Aunt!