July 7, 2006

Fourth in Texas

We had a great trip over the long holiday weekend. I can't remember a trip when we've seen more family and friends. I joined Patrick in Austin on Thursday. We headed up to Pflugerville to hang out with Jason and Erin for a while. Jason fixed a great lunch. We went back to the hotel so Patrick could resume his duties at SonPower, and I ordered room service for dinner.

I had lunch at Kerbey Lane with Erin, Jennifer, and her daughter Sarah on Friday. Jennifer and I had a great visit while Sarah took her nap that afternoon. She and I went back to the hotel, and we joined Patrick for a swim in Austin's longest pool. It's an indoor/outdoor pool, and Sarah's favorite part was going under the footbridge that crosses it. She didn't want to get out, even though she was shivering. Patrick had to stay at the hotel for the conference, so Jennifer, Sarah, and I went to one of my favorite Austin eateries, Buffet Palace. This place has every kind of Asian food imaginable, and it looks like the Cantina from Star Wars.

We had lunch with Giles, Jennifer, Sarah, Jason, and Erin on Saturday before heading to Grapevine. We had a great dinner, and afterwards took Reganne (who just turned two) to the park near Mom and Dad's house. Reganne likes to pick up sticks and then distribute them to her loved ones.

On Sunday morning, we went to church with Mom and Dad, and Patrick, as usual, subbed in handbells. We had lunch with Mom and Dad at Luby's, which was great since all of the Luby's here have gone out of business.

I spent Sunday afternoon reworking the sleeves in Reganne's dress since they didn't fit when I put it on her. That evening, Patrick, John, and Dad went to the Rangers game (they lost), and Michelle, Mom, Reganne, and I had a girls' night out in Southlake. Reganne had fun walking all over Southlake Town Center and playing with the trains at Barnes and Noble.

On Monday, Mom, Patrick, and I took Reganne went to the Ft. Worth Zoo. It's a great zoo, and Reganne really seemed to enjoy it. She had been to there before and kept telling us that she wanted to see the birds. When we got to the aviary, we found out why. The zoo sells popsicle sticks for $1.00 that have honey and birdseed on them. The birds will come down and eat right off the stick. When we walked in, Reganne kept saying, "Please stick. Please stick." (How can you deny a kid with such good manners?) We went to the "Texas Town" area of the zoo, where Reganne petted an armadillo, a snake, and a goat. We went to Panera for lunch where Reganne just ate and ate!

Monday night we had a pre-fourth cookout at Mom and Dad's with Dan, Shari, Cody, Chris, Cousin Patrick, Aunt Jean, John, Michelle, and Reganne. We were glad we had such a good visit before John, Michelle, and Reganne move to Idaho.

We headed back to Austin on Tuesday morning where we met Nathan and Tauna at Austin's Pizza (no extra charge for soy!). We went to Jason and Erin's to hang out until time to leave for our flight back to Nashville.


Allison said...

Kerbey Lane is AWESOME!!! I love the pumpkin Pancakes!

Kat Coble said...

Sounds like a great time! And look at how cute Reganne is! The dress is just FANTASTIC! ;-p

Welcome back, and now you'll have to do lunch with some Nashville friends soon.