August 25, 2006

when ebay automation runs amok

buySAFE and Liberty Mutual Guarantee This Transaction

Dear Buyer,

Thank you for your recent eBay purchase of For Apple iPod Nano/Mini/Video/4G/3G WHITE Car Charger from bargaincell. We're sending you this e-mail to let you know that bargaincell has guaranteed your purchase with a surety bond from buySAFE and Liberty Mutual, at no cost to you. We are legally required to send you this e-mail, which contains the details of the bond coverage and additional information about this unique guarantee.

Bonded Transaction Details
For Apple iPod Nano/Mini/Video/4G/3G WHITE Car Charger
Marketplace:eBayBonded Date:8/25/2006 midnight PT
Seller:bargaincellBond#:XXXX XXXXXXX-XXXX
Item#:XXXXXXXXBond Coverage:$0.01
Report Problems By: 9/24/2006 midnight PT

Click here to view a PDF of your bond.

Note: buySAFE dispute resolution service is included free for all buyers, and bond coverage is included for U.S. residents and began at the time of purchase. No additional steps are required unless you wish to report a problem.

If you have a question for the seller of the item referenced in this e-mail, please contact them directly through this link. If you have any questions about this e-mail or about buySAFE, please send an e-mail to

Thank you and happy shopping,

buySAFE, Inc

BONDED for my $.01! This was one of those auctions listed at $.01 and shipping and handling of $5.95. I wonder what it cost bargaincell to do this??

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