March 23, 2007


Our Inspiron 5160 keeps plugging along, except when there's a problem with the plug.

We've been having a pretty common problem with the plug in the back of the laptop. The way that most laptops are built, the jack that you plug into is surface mounted right to the motherboard. The downside to this construction is that any or torque applied to it pretty quickly breaks the solder points... and there's no electical contact.

Our Dell on-site service plan is great though. We had someone in on Monday to replace the motherboard. On Wednesday, we found out that the power supply is bad, reported it Thursday night, and they've confirmed that they're shipping us a new one today.

Normally, I don't get extended warranties, but for this purchase, it's been a good deal. Based on our previous experiences with our other laptops, it was almost a 100% chance that we were going to see this one break. Since we don't need any new functionality that a new laptop would provide, we're very content to just keep fixing this one.

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