February 25, 2008

last friday's paper

...had Adam's birth announcement in it, and depending on what part of Davidson county you were in (it was in the "Davidson A.M." section,) he was the "cover baby!" All of the Davidson A.M. sections had his picture in the births section.

Strangely though, he's not in their online birth listing at all. It may be because his announcement was as a caption to the picture, and not in the "normal" listing of births.

In case you're googling through and wondering, "how do I get my baby in the paper??" Here's the deets. Their website isn't overly helpful.

Davidson A.M. would like to run photographs of newborns whose families live in Davidson County.
Please e-mail baby pictures to csmith {at} tennessean.com; we’ll run them on a first-come, first-served basis with this feature.
We need the baby’s name, the parents’ name, where the family lives (which part of Davidson County with ZIP code), birth date and if the child has any siblings. All photos must be e-mailed in.

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